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Welcome to your premier Sensual Movement, Pole Dance and Healing Detox experience!


Satiated Clients

I really enjoyed this class, the space is beautiful and I like how attentive all staff were. This is a great class for all levels of pole. If you’re newer I understand the awkwardness that comes with trying something different. But the instructor was extremely encouraging and knowledgeable, and the room was dimly lit so you can focus on yourself. it’s a fun sexy sweet class that will have your muscles awake the next day. Looking forward to more

Such amazing and friendly staff. The building was so nice and clean. The class was amazing it really helps you get in touch with your body and everybody did such a great job even though we were all beginners, the teacher did a really good job of explaining and helping so that everybody learned how to do all the moves. I will 100% be going back

Amazing energy! Great instructor. Felt powerful!!

Laurel was a great instructor for this intro to pole class. Her instructions were clear and she was patient and thorough in making sure each person got the moves she was teaching. The class was a ton of fun.

Such a beautiful space, great instructor and perfect way to start the day! So happy I found this place ❤️

Loved this class… great for gaining confidence to properly begin Pole work. Will return to this studio!

MUST TAKE! It was my first time at Polearity Palace and I honestly have nothing but good things to say about it. The pics do not do the studio justice, it's such a spacious and calming studio with such thoughtful art and decor. Check in was an easy and quick process by a friendly receptionist who walked me through where everything was(make sure you sign the waiver/mats available to rent for $2!) Our instructor Meg was amazing at teaching the class, clear and easy to follow even in the dim room. She kept repeating the movements to make sure we were following along and went around to each group to make sure we were comfortable with what we were doing/correcting us if necessary. IF YOU GUYS WERE WORRIED ABOUT THE MUSIC, do not be! It was very sensual RnB, perfect for pole! Def will take again!

Patricia was very thorough with how she taught the class which made it easy to understand and learn. I had a lot of fun and felt really comfortable.

It was so much fun. I normally freeze at even a thought of doing any sort of freestyle dancing. I didn't know that I could feel this sexy and good practicing

Loved this class! The beginning warm up was basically a yoga/Pilates session, then we learned a few basic pole moves. I felt quite awkward at the start, but Patricia was really helpful in making you feel more confident on the pole. There are only 5 poles in the room, but luckily we didn’t really have to share. Would recommend! I’m excited to go back.

Laurel was wonderful and created a very open and safe space. I wasn't sure what to expect but I'm very glad I went to my first class. You will be encouraged to let go and let your body move freely to the music, both with the pole and on the floor. "Do what feels good" was the motto. Really nice studio as well. The room was dimly lit with candles. Looking forward to trying Intro to Pole next!


No matter what's happening out in the bustling streets, the moment you step into YOUR own palace of wellness rituals and sensual pole dance, the tension will melt away. You’re back in your body, your pleasure and deeply reconnected to your soul.

It’s time to find the freedom to express yourself shamelessly, and let the real YOU come out to play.

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PoleArity Palace Empowered Movement Studio and Holistic Suite is a warm and vibrant healing sanctuary for movement, connection and fun in the heart of the bustling Chelsea neighborhood of NYC.


Exploring your truest self should feel easy, safe, and supported.

  • The “rules” about how you’re expected to express yourself, dress, and behave are exhausting.
  • Your true identity and fullest expression feels trapped away in a box.
  • Too many people ask you to conform, make yourself small, and take up less space.


Empowered Movement Studio & Holistic Health



Discover your sacred movement and embrace the Body from the inside and outside


Drop into self-connection and sooth the static of the mind


Shed the limitations and hear the true message of the Soul

We discover the practices for our individual vitality and together create a thriving community. This is where the healing happens.

you’ve been waiting for!


    Side effects may include increased feelings of authenticity, self-acceptance, clarity, groundedness, confidence, and overall feelings that you’re THE BOMB! Get ready to feel elevated in your relationships, decision-making, self-esteem, resilience, and overall well-being.

Connect to Your Joy Again!

Arul goldMAN, Founder of PoleArity Palace

As a lifelong New Yorker and deep seeker who has traveled the globe to learn from the world’s great spiritual teachers, as well as being a renowned detoxification practitioner and founder of one of Manhattan’s top holistic cleansing centers, Arul goldMAN has been an integral part of NYC’s wellness scene for decades.

Arul owned SanaVita holistic cleansing center for 13 successful years before closing as the pandemic of 2020/21 began. During those months at home with the world in crisis and in the aftermath of the ending of her beloved studio, Arul knew she needed a movement routine that would help her shake off uncertainty and reconnect to herself.

Using the pole she had installed in her living room years prior, Arul returned to the world of sensual movement and pole dancing with a newfound passion. Soon this became a daily practice that brought great joy and clarity of her true desires for the next steps in her professional journey.

This is the origin story of PoleArity Palace: an empowered sensual movement and pole dance studio with a holistic suite of wellness services. A unique combination designed to release, replenish and turn ON!

Arul’s vision is to continue the journey of cleansing from a place of great curiosity and self-love paired with the empowering emotional and physical experience of sensual movement and pole dance. She has seen the resonance and results in her clients, herself and her family and is committed to sharing with as many like-minded individuals looking for their own personal transformation.

Arul and her beloved children Naturale and Seven reside happily together in their Lower East Side apartment, where all the magic happens.

“I created PoleArity Palace to provide a safe space for people to get curious about their own body, connect with the sensuality within and reveal their own inner soundtrack…where they are the star of their own movie, moving & grooving to their own unique beat!”

How It Works

Empowered Movement Studio & Holistic Suite

Through rituals of self care, cleansing, dynamic health practices, and the power of expressive movement, PoleArity Palace will help guide you to the next best version of yourself.

PoleArity Palace is a safe space for all people to feel the permission to be themselves, to move and groove, and to leave shame and self doubt at the door. ALL of you is welcome here, inside of your OWN palace… This is YOUR time to shine!

How It Works

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  • 2Step 2Experience the full spectrum of how PoleArity Palace helps you feel free to explore and express your truest self.
  • 3Step 3Freely live life outside of the boxes your identity and self-expression have been put in by society, peers, and family.

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