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If new moons are a great time for release then a Pisces new moon is one of the biggest times for release as we prepare to renew. Pisces is the sign most commonly associated with endings before we start afresh. It’s also the sign most connected with the divine.
This new moon happens in the 1st degree of Pisces only a couple of days after the sun moves into Pisces officially marking the start of Pisces season. It’s also conjunct Saturn and so there is a bit of seriousness and sobriety to the tone, but also one of beautiful stillness. Allow yourself to be reflective during this time. Be still and allow some quiet time for letting go.
Joining the sun and moon in Pisces is Venus in the last degree of Pisces sextile to Pluto and still conjunct to Neptune, also in Pisces. It’s a Pisces party for sure and all things Pisces are in focus – dreams, spirituality, empathy and the like.
Personal internal drives might be very hard to figure out at the time of this new moon. We will need to be looking for the higher purpose in things, connecting more with collective consciousness and less with our egos. Look beyond yourself and reach for the higher self that is you.
As you sit in this new moon energy you may find that random thoughts are triggered. Allow the shocking thoughts to happen but also look for the flash of insight that leads to a breakthrough. These thoughts are likely to be significant – so capture them somehow.
Ultimately Pisces is the sign connected with unconditional love. Let me emphasize UNCONDITIONAL, no conditions. If you’ve been looking for a reset, this is a great one. Forgive yourself and forgive everyone else in the mix.
Key takeaway: Allow the energy of the new moon to release anything trapped in your emotional body. By allowing yourself this release, you allow rejuvenation.
Happy New Moon!
Dave Haskins is an astrologer and coach based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His practice, Universal Signals, has grown rapidly and helped hundreds unlock their human potential by understanding their unique path using astrology.
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