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The full moon this Sunday in Leo will definitely add flair to the cosmic dance. Aquarius season is well underway and like Aquarius, Leo strives to honor its uniqueness in the crowd. It’s about being seen as special for something that we do. This full moon is at 16 degrees of Leo, so find out where that might be in your chart to see where you might be looking to stand out.
During this full moon Uranus squares both the Sun and moon. This square creates tension and will have us seeing any remote attempt to restrict our personal freedom as a major threat. This is a very erratic energy and not all that stable. If we’ve been feeling boxed in, then this is an opportunity to find our way into our freedom, but doing it carefully might be tricky. Tread lightly.
There is something about this full moon that is asking us to be more authentic, but how we go about it might be unclear. One thing is clear– it likely won’t be in the same way we’ve been trying. The energy present is asking us to do things in some radically different ways.
The exciting part of this full moon energy is that it gives us the opportunity to truly reinvent ourselves. We all look to do this in a new year, but since we started the new year with 3 retrograde planets (Mars, Mercury and Uranus) it wasn’t easy to start. We’re now ready.
Aiding us in our efforts is Mars making positive aspects to the Sun and moon giving us motivation to move on new spontaneous insights. Thinking will be intense and electric with Uranus making a trine to Mercury.
Main takeaway: Let this full moon energy stir and awaken a new you, but understand that there will be an adjustment period in the weeks to come to integrate this new exciting you into your current reality.
Happy Full Moon!

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