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Three years ago today, on Halloween of 2018, SanaVita, Center for Holistic Cleansing closed its physical doors. I’ll never forget the intensity of that day. Our local corner bistro was also closing that day, a place that had become a “home away from home” for me and the kids to connect with friends in our community. As a single mama of 2 kids who were excited to celebrate Halloween, there was a LOT on my plate. I couldn’t just focus on closing up shop for the last time, because afterward, it was time to help the kids with costumes and chaperone trick or treating. While there was a lot of joy flickering around me that evening, inside my heart, there was a heavy sadness as I said goodbye to SanaVita as I had known it. This felt scary!
I had already been through a lot at that point, like divorce, which was hard, but not necessarily as scary to me because I KNEW what came next. At that time I had accepted that I was going to be a single mother of 2 small kids and a solo business owner of SanaVita. Would it be hard? Yes, absolutely. However, knowing clearly what was in front of me had made that transition easier. The closing of SanaVita was different as I really wasn’t sure what was next.
So I kept going. I continued on as a colon hydrotherapist for some time, until I was ready to put down the speculum. I continued to see clients for biofeedback, coaching, and lymphatic drainage therapy out of my home office until the pandemic hit. And then I continued to see clients and host group cleanses virtually. However, it was during this time of virtual work that I started to get pulled in a different direction of clarity.
And then, finally, I stopped. I stopped “doing” and I started “listening.” What was I listening for? Where to find my joy. “After all that has happened, what do I want to be doing and where do I want to be doing it?” was the question that I started to ask myself. I began to get truly curious about where exactly was my joy at THAT moment; not where should it be or what should I get back to, but what inspired me NOW, in the current day version of myself. How did I want to live post-pandemic, with kids who are now teenagers, ready for more independence?
You see, I’ve always been interested in both the body and the emotional state of myself, those around me, and my environment. But until I was forced to stop everything and stay home with my kids for a year, I just kept doing what I knew I was good at. And then on the side, I did what I truly LOVED which was empowered movement, AKA dance. And that’s when it became clear… why not merge my passions together?
And today on this anniversary, it is time to share with you what’s next. SanaVita has served myself, my family, and my community well. But all things must transform into their own next best version. Often, it takes letting go of something old to let something new come to life.
So what better time, then on the anniversary of SanaVita’s physical closing to formally and publicly say goodbye to the old version of SanaVita and say hello to its new counterpart:
PoleArity Palace, Your Home for Empowered Movement and Wellness!
Here we will still help you clean out the clutter from the inside out, while supporting you to move, groove, and set your spirit FREE through empowered dance, pilates, yoga, and more! All under one roof 🙂
Please stay tuned for more details on our virtual and physical grand openings, deals, classes, cleanses, and everything in between. PoleArity Palace will be speaking to you, calling you in, and providing a space for support and nourishment. In the days and weeks to come, we will start communicating with you through our newsletters and social platforms as PoleArity Palace.
I am SO much looking forward to continuing to advocate for the well-being of our beloved community through this new endeavor. I’m hoping to see many of you in the zoom room or at the new physical studio coming soon!
With SO much love, light, and gratitude,
Arul H goldMAN

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